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Upcoming Bon Scott Film Will Not Be A Biopic

todayMarch 27, 2024 1

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AC/DC fans rejoice as a new film is in the works, but it’s not going to be a typical biopic about Bon Scott. Titled “The Kid From Harvest Road,” this movie will focus on Scott’s formative years rather than providing a linear retelling of his life.

Exploring Bon Scott’s Formative Years and the Cultural Landscape of the 1960s

The setting of the movie is the 1960s, a crucial period during the late musician’s early life in Fremantle.

“The producers behind The Kid From Harvest Road are incredibly humbled and grateful for the overwhelming media attention the recent announcement of the film’s development has garnered. The enthusiasm and support from audiences and media outlets alike reaffirm the belief in the power of storytelling.”

The team behind the movie, HALO Films, aims to capture the essence of Bon Scott’s early life through a fictionalized narrative. Instead of a traditional biopic, they want to delve deeper into Scott’s character and experiences by drawing inspiration from the era, focusing on how the cultural landscape of the 1960s influenced him.

“By drawing inspiration from the stories and atmosphere of the time period, rather than attempting a biopic, the film can offer a more imaginative exploration of Scott’s character and experiences.”

One of the reasons for the decision to focus on Scott’s formative years is to explore the influences and events that shaped him into the iconic frontman of AC/DC. The film also aims to depict the music scene and social dynamics of that era, providing a more holistic view of the context in which Scott developed his passion for music.

“Focusing on his formative years in Fremantle allows for a deeper dive into the influences and events that shaped him as a person and ultimately as the iconic frontman of AC/DC. It also provides an opportunity to explore the cultural landscape of the time, including the burgeoning music scene and social dynamics of the era.”


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A Unique Perspective on Bon Scott’s Early Life

In this upcoming movie, Lee Tiger Halley will step into the shoes of Bon Scott. The screenplay has been penned by Stephen Belowsky and co-writer/director David Vincent Smith. Tim Duffy will handle the production, with Ian Hale and Nicko Mezzino serving as executive producers for HALO Films and Protocol Pictures, respectively.

Throughout the movie, viewers will witness Bon Scott’s journey from his early days in Fremantle to his rise as the incredible frontman of AC/DC. Scott’s tenure with the band spanned from 1974 until his untimely death in 1980. While many might have expected a traditional biopic about Scott, this fresh take on his early life promises to offer a unique perspective on the legendary musician.

With “The Kid From Harvest Road,” audiences can look forward to a different kind of storytelling, focused on exploring the roots of Bon Scott’s character and artistry. The film seeks not just to recount his life story but to paint a vivid picture of the influences that helped shape one of rock music’s most iconic figures.

“However, they are at pains to express that The Kid From Harvest Road is a project that aims to capture the essence of Bon Scott’s early life in Fremantle in a fictionalized narrative set in the 1960s.”

While “The Kid From Harvest Road” may not be the typical biographical film fans were expecting, it promises to provide a fresh and imaginative take on Bon Scott’s early days, offering a rich tapestry of influences and experiences that set the stage for his legendary career with AC/DC.

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