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Sebastian Bach’s Former Bandmates Doesn’t Have Good Things To Say To Him

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Sebastian Bach, renowned for his tenure with Skid Row, has etched a mark on the rock and metal scene thanks to his incredible vocal range and dynamic stage presence. Despite his success, his relationships with former band members have been anything but smooth. A deep dive into these relationships reveals a mix of admiration and discord, with many bandmates expressing their candid thoughts on working with the frontman.

The Departure from Skid Row

Bach’s exit from Skid Row in 1996 stemmed from a fallout with bassist and co-founder Rachel Bolan. The rift reportedly began when Bach, without consulting his bandmates, committed Skid Row as the opening act for KISS’s 1996 reunion tour. Bolan, feeling Skid Row was too prestigious to open for another band, cancelled the gigs. This disagreement highlighted the deeper interpersonal issues within the band. Bolan, choosing to stay mostly mum on the matter over the years, finally opened up in a 2020 Chuck Shute podcast interview. He expressed a sense of relief post the split, citing deteriorated relationships within the band. “I wouldn’t say we were friends when we were in the band together,” Bolan remarked, shutting down any hopes of reconciliation.


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Strained Relations and Attempts at Reunion

Other band members had their share of strained experiences with Bach. Guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo recalls a particularly painful moment when Bach left a venomous message on his answering machine, straining their relationship beyond repair. In recent years, despite discussions of a reunion, Sabo has consistently expressed his disinclination to collaborate with Bach again.

Skid Row’s guitarist Scotty Hill and former drummer Rob Affuso echoed similar sentiments, ruling out the possibility of reuniting with Bach. Hill, emphasizing mental and emotional well-being over financial gain, stated, “That door is closed.” Affuso, despite attempts to mediate between Bach and Bolan, lamented the broken relationships and the diminishing prospects of reviving Skid Row’s classic lineup.

Sebastian Bach’s Solo Endeavours

Post-Skid Row, Bach embarked on a solo career, collaborating with various musicians, including Ralph Santola and “Metal Mike” Chlasciak. However, these collaborations were not devoid of issues. Santola, who joined Bach’s band after leaving Iced Earth, described his experience as “complicated” due to organization issues. Similarly, Metal Mike expressed discontent over compensation, leading to his departure.

Bach’s collaboration with young guitarist Nick Sterling started with great enthusiasm from both sides. Bach praised Sterling’s talent, comparing him to Randy Rhoads. However, this working relationship also soured. Sterling alleged not being adequately compensated for his contributions, particularly for the music he wrote for Bach’s album, leading to his exit from the band.

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