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Sebastian Bach Feels Like “Sh*t” For Being Unable To Reunite With Skid Row

todayApril 1, 2024 1

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Skid Row fans yearning for a reunion might be disappointed by a recent revelation from the band’s former frontman, Sebastian Bach. In a candid interview with Metal Hammer, Bach expressed deep regret, admitting he feels “like a piece of shit” because he’s been unable to reunite with the band.

Bach’s comments shed light on his lingering attachment to Skid Row. Despite achieving success with the band, creating three albums that helped define the glam metal era, he feels their journey was cut short.

His words hint at a desire for more, a sense that Skid Row’s story wasn’t finished. This revelation leaves fans to wonder if a reconciliation might ever be on the horizon, or if the rift between Bach and his former bandmates remains unhealed.

The breakup that has more than meets the eye

The split between Skid Row and Bach in 1996 has been shrouded in mystery for years. The official explanation pointed to creative differences, with Bach and the bandmates no longer seeing eye-to-eye musically. However, whispers suggested a deeper rift.

Rumors swirled that the tipping point came when Skid Row was offered a coveted opening slot on KISS’ reunion tour. Some reports claimed Bach, a huge KISS fan, passionately pushed for the gig, while others painted a different picture.

Allegedly, some band members, particularly bassist Rachel Bolan, weren’t enthusiastic due to scheduling conflicts with Bolan’s side project, the punk band Prunella Scales. This disagreement, coupled with simmering creative tensions, ultimately led to Bach’s departure.  

Ironically, just four years later, Skid Row, without Bach, found themselves opening for KISS on their Farewell Tour, adding another layer of complexity to the story of the band’s breakup.

A reunion on the horizon for Skid Row?

Despite the acrimonious split, Sebastian Bach has never fully closed the door on a possible Skid Row reunion. In recent interviews, he’s expressed a clear interest in reuniting with his former bandmates.

However, the feeling isn’t necessarily mutual. While Bach remains hopeful, the band hasn’t shown any public signs of reciprocating his desire. One reason Bach cites for his enthusiasm is the shared history with the band’s music. “They play the same songs I play,” he points out.

More importantly, Bach feels a responsibility to the fans who continue to support Skid Row’s music. He expressed frustration when receiving royalties from albums he recorded with the band, stating, “I feel like a piece of shit.”

Bach tours solo while Skid Row seeks a new vocalist

Despite all of that, Sebastian is keeping busy! Fresh off the announcement of his new album, Child Within the Man, the singer is hitting the road for a 2024 North American tour. Fans can expect a celebration of his solo career, likely featuring both new and classic tracks.

Meanwhile, Skid Row is facing some uncertainty. The band recently parted ways with vocalist Erik Gronwall, who stepped down to focus on his health. While they’ve secured the talented Lzzy Hale of Halestorm to front them for a few shows later this year, the search for a permanent replacement remains ongoing.

This development leaves fans wondering about the future direction of the band and whether a long-term solution is on the horizon.

Written by: Best Classic Bands Staff

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