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Photographer Shocked As Guitarist Accidentally Throw His Guitar At Him

todayMarch 13, 2024 2

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Concerts are often filled with electrifying performances and unexpected moments, but sometimes the unexpected can take a bizarre turn. Recently, a viral TikTok video captured the chaotic scene where a metal musician accidentally tossed his guitar at the concert photographer instead of his technician. The video not only showcases the musician’s split-second mistake but also the photographer’s quick reflexes as he dodges the flying guitar.

Unexpected Chaos and Light-Hearted Reactions

The video, featuring musician Sullivan King, captures the moment where he turns around on stage and hurls his guitar backward, catching the concert photographer off guard. The photographer, holding his camera, freezes as he maneuvers to avoid the incoming instrument. King, seemingly puzzled by the photographer’s reaction, lifts his hands in a gesture that questions why the photographer didn’t attempt to catch the guitar despite holding his camera at that moment.

In the viral TikTok video, King humorously captions the incident with, “0 days without incident on the job site,” highlighting the unexpected nature of the concert mishap.

As viewers shared their reactions to the video, one individual commented on the photographer’s unexpected role in the incident, stating, “The photographer is like ‘That wasn’t in the job description.’ Glad he’s okay though,” expressing relief over the photographer’s safety amidst the chaos.

However, King seemed lighthearted about the mishap, responding to comments with his own playful remarks. When someone mentioned that the photographer could have attempted to catch the guitar, King playfully agreed, “Can’t blame him tbh (yes I can he so coulda caught it).” The exchange between viewers and King reflected the light-hearted nature of the incident.

@sullivanking0 days with out incident on the job site♬ original sound – Sullivan King

Prioritizing Equipment Safety in Unexpected Situations

While some viewers seemed to side with the musician, suggesting that the responsibility ultimately falls on the person who threw the guitar, others empathized with the photographer. One person noted, “As a photographer I’m not dropping my camera to save the guitar,” emphasizing the importance of prioritizing one’s own gear over unexpected circumstances.

With differing perspectives shared in the comments section, another viewer highlighted the photographer’s response, stating, “He said ‘not my job,’ which to be fair, it’s not. Protect your own gear, camera man!” The comment underscored the photographer’s focus on safeguarding his equipment during the unpredictable moment.

Adding to the discussion, a photographer chimed in, “As a photographer my camera is probably worth over $6,000 … I’m breaking my arm before I drop it,” highlighting the dedication and care photographers have for their valuable equipment.

Additionally, an event photographer shared their perspective on the situation, stating, “As an event photog, I am saving my own gear because it costs more than yours lmao,” showcasing the importance of prioritizing the safety of one’s equipment in high-pressure scenarios.

From Mishap to Redemption

In a humorous twist, when asked if the photographer managed to capture any shots of the flying guitar, King responded, “NAH HE F-N DIDN’T LOL,” adding a touch of humor to the post-incident exchange.

Despite the initial mishap, there appeared to be no ill will between the musician and the photographer. In a follow-up video posted weeks later, King invited the photographer on stage for a redemption moment. This time, with ample notice, the photographer successfully caught the guitar, much to the amusement of the audience.

The video concluded with King jokingly stating, “Turning my photographer into a guitar-catching king,” highlighting the positive resolution of an unexpected and chaotic moment during the concert.

In live performances, unexpected incidents can lead to memorable and humorous situations. The collaboration between the musician and the photographer showcased how even mishaps can turn into amusing anecdotes when approached with humor.

@sullivanking Replying to @blupillmusic ♬ original sound – Sullivan King

Written by: Best Classic Bands Staff

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