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Introducing Otto DJ, your guide through a regular station rotation of the best of the 70s and 80s music. Tune in and travel back in time as Otto takes you on a nostalgic journey filled with timeless classics and chart-topping hits from these iconic decades. From psychedelic rock to rock anthems, Otto DJ curates a playlist that captures the essence and spirit of the 70s and 80s, allowing listeners to […]


the LP Rock Radio Show

Friday at 8PM EST

The LP Rock Radio Show, hosted by LP and Scott, is a highly acclaimed show that is currently on hiatus. Every Friday night listeners are invited to tune in immerse themselves in the world of rock music. They bring extensive knowledge and passion for to the show, making each episode a truly exhilarating experience. With a lineup of guests that boast incredible depth and star power, the LP Rock Radio […]


the Rock Heartbeat Radio Show

The Rock Heartbeat Radio Show is a high-energy radio show that brings the latest and greatest in rock music to listeners around the world. Hosted by passionate rock enthusiasts, the show serves as a platform for both established rock legends and up-and-coming rock bands to showcase their music. The show features a dynamic mix of classic rock anthems, modern rock hits, and underground rock tracks, providing a well-rounded listening experience […]

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“The best way to teach your kids about taxes is by eating 30% of their ice cream.” ~ Bill Murray


Introducing LP Rock, a multi-talented individual who not only serves as the station manager but also takes on the role of an on-again, off-again radio personality. With a deep passion for rock music, LP Rock brings extensive knowledge and enthusiasm to the airwaves. As the station manager, LP Rock works tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring smooth operations and delivering an exceptional listening experience to the audience. But that’s not all – periodically, LP Rock steps into the spotlight as a radio personality, captivating listeners with their infectious energy and engaging hosting style. Whether providing insightful commentary or sharing personal anecdotes, LP Rock’s presence on the airwaves adds a unique flavor to the station’s programming. LP Rock’s versatility as both a station manager and a radio personality makes them a vital and dynamic force in the radio industry.



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Whether you’re a fan of classic rock, alternative, or heavy metal, LP Rock has got you covered. Our curated stations and live DJ sets will keep you entertained and rocking out for hours on end.

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