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Kevin O’Leary Talks About If Guitars Are Worth Investing In

todayMarch 28, 2024 2

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In an episode of his YouTube channel titled “Are Guitars Worth Investing In?”, famous Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary takes viewers on a tour of Walt Grace Vintage, a one-of-a-kind guitar store in Miami.

Walt Grace isn’t your ordinary guitar shop. This destination attracts guitar enthusiasts from all over the world with its unique blend of vintage finds, high-end custom builds, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Whether you’re a beginner picking out your first instrument or a seasoned collector searching for an investment piece, Walt Grace has something for you.

Exploring a haven for guitar lovers

O’Leary, the sharp investor known for his tough critiques on shows like Shark Tank, sheds his usual persona and reveals a surprising passion for the world of guitars. As he walks through Walt Grace with Vince, a friendly and knowledgeable shop employee, viewers are treated to a guided tour of the store’s vast selection.

It’s a feast for the eyes, with rows of gleaming new Fenders catching the light and a treasure trove of vintage guitars whispering stories of musical legends past. Whether you’re a seasoned player with a discerning eye for high-end craftsmanship or a beginner just starting out, Walt Grace caters to every taste and budget.

But the experience goes beyond the impressive inventory. The heart of the store lies in its passionate staff. Take Alex Jones, the legendary guitar tech – his expertise and dedication are evident as he meticulously examines O’Leary’s prized 1967 Telecaster.

This personal touch exemplifies the expert care available at Walt Grace, ensuring every instrument, regardless of its age or value, receives the attention it deserves.


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The six-string varieties at Walt Grace

The episode digs into the different guitar types offered by Walt Grace, giving viewers a crash course in the instrument’s rich history and evolution. O’Leary examines iconic electric guitars like Fenders and Gibsons, including vintage finds and custom shop models.

From the classic single-coil twang of a Stratocaster to the powerful humbucker growl of a Les Paul, the episode explores the sonic personalities of these legendary instruments.

They don’t neglect the acoustic side of things either. O’Leary checks out the impressive collection of Martin guitars, known for their handcrafted quality and rich sound. He learns about the price range, from beginner-friendly models to vintage treasures that are considered collector’s items.

Whether you’re a die-hard electric guitar fan or appreciate the warmth of acoustics, Walt Grace offers a diverse selection for every musical preference.

Investment or inspiration

While O’Leary, the investor, is naturally curious about guitars as investments, Walt Grace offers more than just a chance to increase your portfolio.

The store understands that guitars are more than just instruments – they can be sources of inspiration and lifelong companions. They carry beginner-friendly guitars and emphasize the quality and longevity of even entry-level instruments.

O’Leary himself acknowledges this, recognizing that a good beginner guitar can be a valuable investment for a budding musician.

Ultimately, Walt Grace, as showcased by Kevin O’Leary’s visit, is a haven for anyone who loves guitars. Whether you’re looking to invest in a piece of musical history or find the perfect companion to fuel your musical journey, this unique store has something to spark your creativity.

Watch the episode below:

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