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David Lee Roth Releases Acoustic Cover Music Video of ‘Jump’

todayMarch 22, 2024 1

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Hold onto your red pants, Diamond Dave fans! David Lee Roth, the iconic frontman of Van Halen, has a new take on the band’s megahit “Jump.”

But this time, he’s not belting it out over Eddie Van Halen’s electrifying riffs. Instead, Roth has created a music video for an acoustic cover… by another artist! Let’s untangle this unexpected collaboration.

Well-known YouTube musician Alex Melton recently released his own unique version of “Jump”. Taking the classic song in a fresh direction, Melton’s rendition infuses it with alt-pop and indie rock vibes. It seems Roth heard it, and an idea sparked.

Roth’s unique endorsement of Melton’s cover

Melton is known for taking popular songs and reimagining them in completely different genres. His approach caught the attention of Roth himself.

In the caption for his video, Melton explains his thought process: “I loved the idea of slowing the verses waaay down and letting each line breathe, while keeping the upbeat pace of the pre-chorus intact. I love the layers that pop in and out, and I’m really digging my new shooting methods that allow me to do longer takes with video.”

A month after Melton’s upload, on March 19th, Roth surprised fans by releasing his own video featuring Melton’s cover. The video cuts between archival footage of Roth and footage of New York City.

Whether this is simply Roth giving his seal of approval to Melton’s work, or if there’s a deeper collaboration brewing, remains to be seen.

Fans loved both videos

Fans have been raving about both Melton’s and Roth’s versions of the song. In Melton’s cover, Van Halen fans particularly enjoyed how he took the classic tune and gave it a fresh, modern feel.

Commenters praised his approach, comparing it to Van Halen’s own cover songs in their early days. One listener even playfully remarked that it sounded like a John Mayer cover of a Van Halen song.

Similar enthusiasm surrounded David Lee Roth’s take on the song. Fans appreciated his support for Melton’s cover, while others simply reveled in the music itself. Comments highlighted the quality of the performance, with some praising the accompanying visuals as well.

Watch Melton’s cover below:

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